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The Advisor: Clough Capital

Clough Capital Partners L.P. ("Clough Capital" or the "Firm"), is a globally-focused investment management firm with $1.5 billion in client assets under management (as of December 31, 2022). Clough Capital was founded in 2000 by Charles I. (“Chuck”) Clough Jr., after a career culminating as Chief Global Investment Strategist at Merrill Lynch & Co.

Clough Capital invests both long-short and long-only in public equity, fixed income and alternative markets across the globe. The Firm’s investment strategies, in addition to global long-short, include sector specific funds, both by geography and by industry. The Firm delivers those strategies through various investment vehicles including institutional separate accounts, pooled funds and mutual funds (both open and closed end).

Throughout the Firm’s history, Clough Capital has attracted and retained a talented team of investment, operational, compliance and distribution professionals. Currently there are 18 dedicated individuals working on behalf of our clients.

"Clough Capital is a Boston-based investment advisory firm which manages in assets: in hedge fund and institutional accounts; in closed-end mutual funds; and in open-end mutual funds*"

* as of

Hedge Fund & Institutional Accounts

Closed-end Mutual Funds

Open-end Mutual Funds

Firm History

Throughout the Firm's history, Clough Capital has been fortunate to have attracted and retained a talented team of professionals. Clough Capital employs 7 highly experienced investment professionals and 11 non-investment professionals.

Clough Capital has comprehensive infrastructure including research, trading, compliance, technology, and client services. The Firm is a Registered Investment Advisor pursuant to the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.

"Clough Capital employs 7 highly experienced investment professionals and 11 non-investment professionals."

The Investment Team

Our Process


IDEA GENERATION Identify industry trends, understand profit and credit cycles, demographics, regulatory framework, develop themes
SECURITY ANALYSIS Company meetings, financial statement analysis, valuation work, examine business models, identify catalysts
INVESTMENT REVIEW Research meetings, interactive dialogue, security recommendations
PORTFOLIO CONSTRUCTION Security selection, sizing of positions, long and short exposure targeting, geographic weighting
RISK OVERSIGHT Ongoing portfolio monitoring, risk committee, portfolio analytics, stress testing
Investment Portfolio


Identify Shortages
  • Supply shortages emerge due to inadequate investment, which leads to higher prices
  • Higher prices in turn lead to higher cash flows and higher returns on investment
  • Identify those companies best positioned to take advantage of shortages
Identify Global Geographic
Growth Opportunities
  • Stock market valuations are deemed to be inexpensive
  • A catalyst for growth is present
  • The currency is expected to strengthen relative to the U.S. dollar, enhancing U.S. dollar returns
Identify Unique Global Credit
Market Opportunities
  • Changing economic fundamentals may be a positive factor for both income and price appreciation
  • An attractive yield curve exists to react to changing economic fundamentals
  • For international securities, the currency is expected to strengthen relative to the U.S. dollar, enhancing U.S. dollar returns
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Closed-End Funds

Clough Global Closed-End Funds
1290 Broadway, Suite 1000
Denver, CO 80203


Open-End Funds

Clough Global Long/Short Fund
P.O. Box 1920 
Denver, CO 80201 



Clough Capital Partners, L.P.
53 State Street, 27th Floor
Boston MA 02109


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